Order of Archangel Michael


Here are a few of the testimonials from Order of Michael members.

From B.D. of Raleigh:
"[Here are] some of the results of the Initiation & Activation of the Order of St. Michael the Archangel. My practice took an immediate turn spiritually after the Initiation. I had been leaning more toward metaphysical ... terminology, but now the Angels are with me in every session. Your role modeling (not to mention the presence of Michael!!!) gave me the confidence to stand tall and speak in more spiritual terms. The result? I feel closer to my roots; the clients have NOT objected in the least; [they] seem to feel more comfortable with the presence of the angels and the results are truly awesome....Keep up the good work. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to all of us.
        "For those of you who have not had this unique experience, I cannot recommend it more highly. For me this was the start of an immense emotional and spiritual adventure that I feel even now I am just beginning. But somehow I know I am getting closer to...Home?...The answers I have been seeking all my life?...Some spiritual connection I never experienced before? Yes, [all this] and more I haven't even discovered....My life changed within a few days and I will never be the same."

From S.H.:
"Dear Diana,
"I feel very fortunate to have been part of your Order of Michael Initiation ceremony last Saturday. It was truly an uplifting experience. The energy in the room seemed to deepen with each initiation. It seemed as if we were all going into an increasingly profound exploration of Michael's challenge to us to surrender and take up our life purposes. I was moved by the sincere and joyful sense of commitment to Archangel Michael's work expressed by you and others present." Thank you."

From Jerry:
"Diana, Wow and Wow again - thanks so much for leading, guiding, channeling, orchestrating and loving this event for all of us. I felt a form of spiritual energy stronger than ever.... While our group was in the initiation, I felt Jesus' presence and also saw in my mind's eye many beings in white (angels I guess). The energy stayed with me for a long time afterward also. I have felt very blessed being in yesterday's Order of Michael initiations. Thanks again."

From C.D. of Apex NC:
"I'm sure other people have told you this, but THANK YOU so much for doing the Archangel Michael attunement this past weekend. It cleared so many things for me; I have felt much better ever since. The burning of bridges was great for me; I feel like I released so much stuff that needed to go right then. I don't know how you did it—the energy was phenomenal!   I appreciate it very much. I feel more connected to his [Michael's] energy than before...."

From Sue:
"I want to thank you for everything you did on Saturday. I can already feel a huge shift internally. When you put your hands on my head, I felt a huge rush of energy. I don't know how you sustained that throughout the afternoon. Thank you so very much."

From Larry:
"I wholeheartedly recommend the Order of Michael Attunement and Initiation Ceremony for anyone seeking angelic assistance and wanting to meet others willing to provide that earthly support team we all need. Together, we can do this thing called the earthly experience."

From Corey:
"What an inspiration you are! How wonderfully Archangel Michael works. I can't begin to describe how it felt to be present at this Saturday's initiation. For the first time, I could feel, intuit, all that was going on, particularly with you, the energy, and the many blessings.... It was awesome for me...."

From Lourdes:
"The initiation experience still evokes comfort and peace for me. I have a lot of work to do, a few issues to explore and resolve as I walk my path, but I'm no longer afraid to go through this. Michael is very patient with me, and I feel his gentleness and his promise of support and guidance as I go through this process. I can't thank you enough for your help in awakening my consciousness to him and his gifts."

From Mary:
"Dear Diana,
"We want to thank you so very much for a wonderful Michael event on 6/18, as we did not get a chance to personally thank you after the meeting was over. We know you had a long attunement session, but at the same time you were steeped in the wonderful energies of Archangel Michael. It certainly was a beautiful experience for us."

From S.F.:
"I know that I have been more opened with my channeling lately. I'm doing so many more [intuitive] readings now. I have noticed a definite increase in my abilities. Spirit has definitely opened me a lot. Line by line has been specific and accurate. It is so nice to be part of people's growth this way. I feel your love and time offering the initiation was an integral part of this new openness [together with other work I've been doing]. Thanks for your part in my growth for the highest good of all!!"

From CHR:
Diana, I had such an amazing experience last Sunday at The Order of Michael Initiation. Thank you for giving of yourself in such a loving way!

From CK:
"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed The Order of Michael Initiation last Sunday. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of spiritual beings. The energy was amazing and I have felt a shift in my energy this week. I feel as though things are moving in a positive direction and all is well. I want to thank you for sharing your gifts and talents so freely. You are truly a blessing!"

From MF:
First email: "I just wanted to tell you that we are all so happy and grateful for yesterday! This morning I recited the invocation on the handout you gave us and as I was feeling it; I saw and felt the blue flame surrounding me!  It was amazing!  Thank you so much for your work."
A few days later MF writes: "I'm very psyched! I carry my crystal with me everywhere I go. And I find myself being very calm in the face of stress and adversity. Anyway, I'm going on and on. I'm just so excited still! Thank you again for your strength and commitment as well."

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