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Archangel Michael Experiences - Susan's Story 2

This wonderful story came from a member who joined the Order of Michael on 11/11/06.

An Experience of Michael Revealed through Another Person

Recently my grandchildren asked me to come to their school's celebration of Michaelmas. They asked me to wear something red because everyone was supposed to do that. We went to the mall and I was able to locate an inexpensive red top to wear. 

Next day, I went with them to the program; it was fun seeing everyone dressed in different shades of red. We were all sitting outside in a covered ampitheater waiting for the program to begin.  I was scanning the surroundings like we all do when we "people watch," and I noticed this one high school student who seemed unusual to me. He really seemed older. I pointed him out to my daughter and asked if he was a student there and commented on both how he seemed older and how cute he was. She agreed and laughed at her mother still enjoying "cute guys." 

During the program, they taught all of us some great songs pertinent to the celebration of Michaelmas, and we sang round robins of them, basically raising energy. Then, the program was scheduled to continue in a field about a quarter of a mile away; so everyone trooped over to the field. As we arrived, I noticed that the kids had set up a large circular area marked off by metal posts connected with yellow police tape. On the right there was a group of students playing the drums and continuing to raise the energy. I was a bit surprised as circle building and energy raising isn't something one usually experiences at a school. All of the parents sat outside the circle, and as the classes of students came they sat outside the circle as well. Then the master of ceremonies came and told all of us to move INSIDE the circle; so we did.

He explained to us that the purpose of Michaelmas and the retelling of the story of Michael slaying the dragon is to remind us to control our fears and negative actions and emotions—not really to kill the dragon but to subdue it. With that in mind, we were invited to watch the play. From out of the nearby woods on the right came a large dragon swishing and undulating and getting into the circle.

Then from out of the woods on the far left came a group of angels led by the Mighty Michael. As they came closer and closer and entered the circle, I realized that Archangel Michael was being portrayed by the young man I had noticed before. He was carrying a real sword as they came into the circle.  As I watched I thought, "He's channeling Archangel Michael!" followed by "That can't be!!!???" I poked my daughter and asked her what she thought.  We watched a moment and she said, "You're right; he's chaneling Archangel Michael." Whoa!! We were awestruck.  

The angels proceeded to subdue the dragon and followed that with a dance forming stars with wooden swords. Then Archangel Michael called us to follow them, children's classes first, and do a spiral dance. We all danced into the center in a spiral shape, and, when we got to the center, there was a quick twist, and we danced out of the spiral shape and out of the circle leaving the marked off area. As we exited, the kids gave us "dragon" bread to enjoy.

As I passed the young man who had portrayed Archangel Michael, I noticed that his appearance was now totally different; he looked his age, and while still "cute" his visage was his own and changed.

The feelings I had during this whole event were of joy, elation, delight, amazement, appreciation and gratitude. I was awestruck and overwhelmed with the consideration that is shown to us humans.

This happenned in 2008 in September. It seems to me that Archangel Michael was there to let us know he can manifest in physical form, and he does watch over us and bring us to safety—that he is here with us now as all of us go through these amazing times of change. I think as a group we were bringing the "red" protective energy into the world for him during these years' time of change.

Hugggggggggggs -- Susan/BJ

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