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Archangel Michael Experiences - Susan's Story 1

This wonderful story came from a member who joined the Order of Michael on 11/11/06.

An Experience of Michael as Protector

My son was volunteering in New Orleans and was lucky to work on a feature film. He was living with other volunteers in a group situation. His pay from the movie was large and he had no place to keep it safely; so he would send me large sums via Western Union. I would go collect them and keep them safe until he needed them.

On one particular occasion he wired a very large sum, and I went to pick it up around 11:00 at night. When I got there the energy was scary.  The manager of the convenience store seemed to sense it too and kept delaying taking the money out of the cash register, as customer and customer came and interrupted our transaction. This went on for at least a half hour and I was getting more and more nervous.

I sent up a prayer of protection to Archangel Michael. There was no immediate shift in energy, but a few minutes later a security guard came into the store and asked the manager if he owned the glass storage cabinet outside and on the side of the building. The manager said "yes" and went outside to investigate—again delaying our transaction. I prayed again.

After more delay and several additional customers, I prayed again thinking I was never going to be able to collect the money and wondered if I would be able to get it safely home.

Around this time, the police came to investigate the destruction of the glass storage cabinet outside.  Someone had called to report this and to say they saw the perpetrator. So the police came to find the person and make their own report. (At this point, I didn't really "get" the police connection.) After the manager spoke to them briefly, he came back inside the store and gave me the cash. I quickly put it away before anyone else came into the store. By now I had been there at least an hour.

When I went outside to get in my car, it was surrounded by policemen—eight of them in all directions of the circle. At that point, I did "get" it - and started giggling. And, of course, I got home safely. Thanks Archangel Michael!!!!

Hugggggggggggs ~ Susan/BJ

NOTE: Archangel Michael is the patron saint of police officers.  :)

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