Order of Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael Experiences - Pam's Story

One of the Order of Michael members shared her experience from July 2009.

Accident Avoided!

I will preface my story with the fact that I felt led to ask for protection for my car from Archangel Michael in the morning.  Normally, I just ask for protection for myself, my family, friends, pets.

While driving home from work on I-77, traffic suddenly (i.e., with very little warning) came to a complete stop due to construction on the highway.  I was the second car to come to a complete stop. The truck behind me stopped; however, the vehicle behind the truck did not stop and ploughed right into the truck.  I heard the crash and saw the truck coming toward me.  Suddenly I was in the emergency lane out of harm's way with no idea how I had gotten there.  Looking out my passenger window, I saw that the truck [that was behind me] had been knocked into the space that I had just occupied.

This event defies the laws of physics as there was no time for me to move AND I was completely stopped.  The entire experience took only a few seconds.  I realized in that moment that I had received assistance from Archangel Michael!

Much Love and Light,

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