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Archangel Michael Experiences - Larry's Story

This wonderful story came from one of the initiates at the Diadem Attunement Order of Michael initiation on June 18, 2005.

The Blue Orb - My Michael Experience

I first became acquainted with Archangel Michael after having mustered the courage to engage in my first reading at Dancing Moon Books and Gifts in Raleigh in October 2004. I did so only after my wife agreed to be with me at the reading. Readings were not a new experience for her, and somehow I felt that she would keep the reader from placing a hex on me if things went awry. I asked the reader to name my spirit guide(s) to which she responded, my great Uncle Mac, who transitioned in the early 1900s. Jesus was there and assured me that I was spirit-led and that I could call on him for comfort in time of need and even laughed at one of my questions. It was reassuring to know that Jesus had a sense of humor. I never remembered any biblical scripture where Jesus laughed. I asked if there was anyone else up there. The reader responded that Archangel Michael had just arrived and said, Don't forget about me. That simple response was so endearing and so comforting. I knew from that day forward that I had a new friend with whom I could continue this journey as a spiritual warrior. From that point on, I have felt a special connection with Michael.

My first reading was very uplifting and provided the stimulus to read everything I could about this entity called Michael. I only vaguely remembered a few references from biblical passages. When I received the flyer advertising the Order of Michael (OoM) event at my first Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) event held May 2005, I knew that I needed to participate in that initiation ceremony. My wife and I were also pleased to have met Diana Henderson, the facilitator for the OoM event who channels Michael. I felt that anyone who was a friend of Michael was a friend of mine, but to meet someone who actually channeled Michael was someone I wanted to hear more from. I somehow felt the OoM event would also be harmonious with my new mission in life to be a Lightworker and meet other kindred spirits with whom I could work elbow to elbow.

Shortly thereafter, one night as I laid down, a blue orb about 6 inches in diameter with a vertical golden slit (what I remembered) hovered over by belly for a brief moment. I had remembered from previous readings that orbs represent angels. My first thought was this was a message from Michael reassuring me of his presence. Upon arising the next morning, I communicated this occurrence to my wife who reminded me that the vision I described matched the Archangel Michael logo in the upper right corner of the flyer announcing the OoM event. I was assured by use of my pendulum and my Inner Guidance that what I had experienced was an encounter with Michael. I went within to communicate with Michael who assured me that he would continue to work with me, guide me, and protect me for the journey ahead. The emotions of love, joy and gratitude welled up inside of me and I knew that with my new friend Michael and his associates, that I was well equipped for the journey ahead.

The day of the OoM event, I arrived early and sat up front, somehow in my mind feeling that this might communicate to Michael, I was ready to get to work. During the event, Diana offered the group of over 100 participants the opportunity to share a Michael experience. I felt compelled and honored to communicate my experience recorded here. Part of the ceremony had us invoke our angelic counterpart, which could be our earthly soul mate and spouse. I was not sure whether my wife was this entity, but I knew over 32 years ago that she was an angel to me in this incarnation, and probably others. The day after the event I used my pendulum to determine from the list of angelic beings Diana had listed on a handout she provided in order to determine which angel was working with me. It was not a surprise to me that Michael was pendeled as my angelic counterpart!

I wholeheartedly recommend the Order of Michael Diadem Attunement and Initiation Ceremony for anyone seeking angelic assistance and wanting to meet others willing to provide that earthly support team we all need. Together, we can do this thing called the earthly experience.

With love and light,

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