Order of Michael
Archangel Michael Experiences - JWW's Story 


"Late at night, no moon, just West of Tarheel, NC, I was riding the inside lane of a long stretch of separated 4-lane. I usually prefer the inner lane when no one else is on the highway but I suddenly felt a 'nudge' to...return to the outside lane.... I had a moment of reflection on Archangel Michael and then went back to watching the road.

"About 1 mile later there was a 120-150 pound doe standing in the inside lane. The glare of my lights and slight angle of the road kept me from seeing the deer until I was about 200 feet away. Had I been in the inside lane, I would have hit the deer for sure. Instead, she just stood still while I passed.

"I gave my Guardian [Angel] and Archangel Michael both very big, special thank-you after that. Angels—You can live with them!" :-) ~ JWW

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