Order of Archangel Michael


More products will be available in the near future, including members' only Order of Michael T-shirts. 

Official Peace Attunement Bracelet and Earrings from
Designs by Dee: Jewelry to Beautify Body, Mind and Spirit.
This beautiful design contains vibrational stones that connect to each of the seven rays and was designed especially in honor of the Order of Michael Initiation known as the Rainbow Rays of Light: The Peace Attunement.

Rainbow Rays of Light Peace Attunement Bracelet
Peace Attunement Earrings 1Peace Attunement Earrings 2

Official Order of Archangel Michael Jewelry
(Samples are Blue Apatite and Coral (available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled) - see Designs by Dee website for numerous designs)
The stones in the Order of Michael bracelets resonate with Archangel Michael and assist the wearer in connecting to his energy for protection, empowerment and alignment with Divine Will.

Archangel Michael necklace - sterlingOfficial Order of Archangel Michael BraceletsMichael Earrings - Sterling Silver

Archangel Michael necklace - gold filledArchangel Michael earrings - gold filled

Brass Dowsing Rods by David Shell

All brass rod and sleeve with ball bearing mounting for ultra sensitive action.
Cushioned plastic handles for comfort.
3-to-1 rod-to-handle ratio as recommended by Marcel Vogel.

Cost: $29 per set

These rods are sensitive to bio-electric, geo-electric and electro-magnetic energy fields.  They can be used to read:
  • Human energy fields (both the operator’s and others)
  • The fields of electronic equipment (EMFs)
  • Feng Shui patterns
  • Geomagnetic lay lines
  • Water sources and other natural phenomena
When using these rods to explore human energy fields you can reveal the areas of health and disease in the aura as well as provide your inner self with a visible means to communicate with you.

David's Dowsing Rods are made on order usually in about one week. Contact David by email by clicking here or call him at 919 250-9766.

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