Order of Archangel Michael
Uplifting Experiences - John's Story 

This came from one of the members who recalled am amazing rainbow after reading a channeling from Michael. 

The Rainbow

After reading the channeling and all the discussions of light, I was reminded of a day earlier this year when I was able to photograph a rainbow as it came down to the earth in front of me then actually bent at a right angle and came directly toward me along the road. Quite a sight of light! Be sure to magnify the picture enough to see the light I am describing; it is very bright....

There was also one other moment with this rainbow: As the sun became obscured by clouds, the rainbow faded and a bright sound of a tuned small chime erupted from my Servpro van’s window as if it were now a speaker. It almost sounded like a text message notice, but we could not find a phone in our possession with that sound. Very cool!  ~ John W.

John's rainbow photo

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