Order of Archangel Michael

Mentor Members

The Order of Archangel Michael wishes to recognize some of its members who work as practitioners in the fields of healing, teaching and counseling. These members are specifically chosen for their level of expertise and experience. Mentor members have been in their field for at least five to ten years, have earned a high degree of qualification and have an excellent reputation.

Mentor members have agreed to offer their services at a slightly discounted rate (usually between 5% and 10%) to their fellow participants in the Order of Archangel Michael. In this way, their considerable abilities are made available more affordably to other Order of Archangel Michael members. Those who seek assistance in one of the areas of specialty provided by the mentor members thus are encouraged to use their services.

Order of Archangel Michael members always are urged to choose among their fellow members when seeking a practitioner by looking specifically at the Order's practitioner/entrepreneur list (provided by email after you join and updated annually). The Mentor Members go one step further by providing extensive experience, which normally comes with a deservedly higher fee, at a reduced rate.

Look back in the near future for a list of Mentor Members and their contact information. This will be updated periodically; so check in from time to time to see additions to the list.

Currently Founder Diana Henderson and Drew Becker, her husband, are the only mentor members. Diana offers discounts of 5-10% to Order members on most of her services and classes. Drew offers significant discounts on his Purpose-Powered Professional Workshops to Order members. He also offers a 20% discount on his professional coaching services to members who purchase a coaching package.

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