Order of Archangel Michael

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Below you'll find links to members' websites. Check back periodically since this list will continue to grow.

Dancing Moon Books and Gifts is owned and operated by Order of Michael members Cherry Lea and Beverly Bockover. Celebrating its 25th year of enlightening the metaphysical community in 2015, Dancing Moon has become one of the largest independent New Age retailers in the Southeast. The store carries a large selection of books and gifts, aromatherapy and candles, CDs, incense and crystals, jewelry and tarot decks, and herbs.

Michael Dennis, a member of the Order of Michael and part of the Spiritual Warrior Light Brigade, recently launched his body and energy work business, Friendly Mountain LLC. Michael provides private yoga lessons, Thai yoga therapy (acupressure, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching), as well as energy work (Reiki, chakra work, and shamanic techniques). Order of Michael members get a discount. Also available are small-group, one-time yoga classes for you and your friends including guided yoga nidra meditation, restorative yoga, and yoga dance.

Suzette Foster - Her Holistic Healing practice includes Energetic Healing, Intuitive Reading, Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching and more to enhance inner harmony, life balance and productivity.

Arleen Hannich - Providing Divine Presence. Inspirational Messages from Spirit, and Personalized Meditations

Diana Henderson, the founder of this incarnation of the Order of Archangel Michael, offers energetic healing/cleansing sessions, classes that empower you to move into alignment with your spirit, and ascension art to help in making a stronger connection to the Divine. She is also the founder of Sacred Heart Soul Healing, a modality that allows access to any and all aspects of healing light available to us. These energies flow from the Heart of Creation to provide for all conditions exactly what is necessary and appropriate.

Maryphyllis Horn, M.Ed., Rev., Shaman, Certified Therapist, has a private practice in shamanism, spiritual counseling and spiritual healing in Pittsboro since 1995. Her focus is to help people release what inhibits your being your true self, returning to you what is missing for that purpose, and helping you insightfully understand yourself better. You can contact her at www.soulshaman.com.

April Rooker - Member of the Order of St. Michael the Archangel, student of the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing, Treasurer of the Raleigh, NC, Chapter of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Dee Shell - Intuitive, Astrologer, Tarot Master and Spiritual Channel has been doing intuitive counseling and teaching over 25 years; learn more on her website. She also designs spiritual jewelry; view online at www.deesdesignsjewelry.com.

Cherrene Taylor - Intuitive Counselor, Ear Coning/Candling

Vibrant Butterfly Waves - Alissa Eckstein’s business, Vibrant Waves, and Denise Kane’s Butterfly Reiki have joined forces and formed Vibrant Butterfly Waves. Denise and Alissa combine the healing modalities of Signature Cell Healing™ and Reiki along with other techniques which are a catalyst for transformation. Order members receive a discount on their 45-minute energy healing sessions (available in North Cary or North Raleigh). This experience will illuminate your four bodies for health, balance, transcendence and ascension! Visit http://www.vibrantwaves.net/ for more info.

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