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Awakening the Order of Archangel Michael

It's now possible to join between initiations! If you missed the most recent initiation and prefer not to wait for the next one or cannot travel to attend in person, you may join remotely. See details below (near bottom of the page). There is an option for honorary membership for those who prefer that as well.

Please be aware this group is not affiliated with any other fraternal or religious organizations with similar names. There have been many "incarnations" of Michael's Order through the ages; this one began in June 2002 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The next event has not been scheduled yet. However, the last one, which is described below, will soon be available as a CD set. Please get in touch if you wish to purchase that package, or if you prefer to join immediately, please see info on the remote full membership package below.

Order of Archangel Michael Initiation
Sunday, June 26, 2016, 2:00 - 5:00 PM (End time is approximate.)
Dancing Moon Books & Gifts, 1840 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh NC
Facilitated by: New Heads of the Order Dee and David Shell with assistance from Order of Michael Founder Diana Henderson
Cost: $44*
*$44 is the minimum energetic exchange for first-time attendees. If you feel led to give more than the minimum for this life-long gift, you are most welcome to do so. Current OoM members may attend for a donation of choice.

RSVP online at http://www.meetup.com/angels-75/events/231048904/.

The wings of Michael outstretch and touch the hearts and souls of those who will be quickened, awakened or reawakened into the Order. ~ Council of Light, channeled through Diana Henderson, October 5, 2001

Potential Benefits:

  • Heightens your connection to Archangel Michael's energy
  • Attunes the higher chakras to Michael's energy
  • Awakens your inner Sword of Light
  • Re-awakens your soul purpose
  • Includes a Light cleansing
  • Enhances your awareness
This event will include a channeling, an initiation and an activation or opening of the crown and third eye to the energies of Archangel Michael (according to the readiness of the initiate). The initiation is a kind of compassionate "call to arms" as at this time we are asked to stand with the Light, to banish the shadow within our own hearts through Love, to bring forth peace upon this planet. Open to all who feel the call to receive it. Induction into the Order is an energetic experience that may differ for each person. Join us on Sunday, June 26, to align with the light of Archangel Michael and his Order!

Those attending will receive:

  • The Order of Archangel Michael Initiation - An opportunity to take a step forward in our spiritual evolution!
  • Light Energetic Cleansing
  • An Order of Michael membership card, which is business card size in full color (two sides).
  • New initiates will also receive the Order of Michael certificate.
  • Ticket for a door prize drawing

Click here for pertinent information prior to attending the initiation.

Date: June 26, 2015


Sign-in and meet & greet occurs from 1:30 to 2 PM. 

At 2:00, the presentation begins on what Michael has asked her to share with the group including techniques for Divine protection. The talk is followed by the meditation attunement experience combining the energies of Archangel Michael and all the Light Beings who are participating. The Archangels guide the energy and the experience of the meditation to anchor the Light within us. For new members, part of this includes the Awakening of the Inner Sword of Light, our internal compass to help us walk our paths with greater awareness and alignment to the Divine, by Archangel Michael. For current members, this portion of the meditation serves to further align and amplify the Light of your inner Sword in harmony with the current frequencies enlightening the planet. The remainder of the meditation will serve to promote balance and harmony as described above.
It is important to note that the meditation is meant to be an energetic experience that aligns us according to this specific attunement and also in harmony with the Light Michael is sharing with us at this time.
After the meditation with Archangel Michael, the initiation ceremony begins. In groups of four, attendees come forward to experience the ceremony, which channels Michael's energy into the crown and third eye and aligns us further to the Light in service to the cause of Enlightenment.
If time remains, we will answer questions and/or discuss some of what is on the handout on working with Michael and the Light Beings after the initiation.

Potential Benefits of the Order of Archangel Michael initiation:
  • Heightens your connection to Michael's energy
  • Opens you more fully to that energy's capacity for awakening innate gifts
  • Promotes greater awareness energetically and intuitively
  • Attunes the upper chakras to Michael's energy
  • Awakens your inner Sword of Light to align with the Light of Divinity
  • Aligns you with your life or soul purpose or
  • Enhances your work if you're already walking your path.

Note: The Order of Archangel Michael is not intended to supersede or replace anyone's religious practices or beliefs. We accept members from all faiths. Aligning with Michael's light can amplify our most loving intentions for healing and enlightening all.

Archangel Michael [Hebrew Mikha'el, Arabic Mika'il, or Mikha'il], whose name in Hebrew means "Perfect One of God" or "who is like unto God," carries the essence of the spiritual warrior and is the Protector of humanity. Even though anyone can call on Archangel Michael for assistance at any time, the initiation heightens and enhances our connection to his energy and opens us more completely to that energy's capacity for awakening our innate gifts.

For many people, the initiation promotes greater awareness energetically and intuitively. The third eye and crown chakras are attuned by Michael's energy during the initiation, enabling us to access that greater awareness more easily when we are ready to do so. Our inner Sword of Light is also awakened during the initiation, which strikes a chord and sends the resounding message to the Universe that we are ready to stand with the Light and live in alignment with the True Self. The initiation often puts people more in touch with their life or soul purpose and can lead us onto that path or enhance our pathwork if we're already walking our walk.

From Christopher Bamford's introduction to The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours, by Rudolf Steiner:  "Michael cannot fulfill his mission without humanity's cosmic vocation of freedom, individuality and love. Human beings, too, depend on Michael for the fulfillment of their task . . . His great joy is helping those who of their own free deed enter the ranks of those collaborating in the great work of the invisible."

By becoming initiated into the Order of Archangel Michael, we indeed join the ranks of those who collaborate with the Divine.

We within the Order of Archangel Michael are on a journey of awakening. It is time to embrace the Light within and accept with love the truth the soul knows. Let us make the ultimate choice of free will to know complete humanness and love humanity in its entirety.

If you hear the clarion call to enlist in the ranks of the Order of Michael, please contact Diana by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159 to sign up.

Open to all who feel called to receive this blessing, the initiation is offered in the Raleigh, NC, area, and OoM Founder Diana Henderson also occasionally travels regionally to perform the initiation for groups elsewhere. In addition, it's possible for those who live at a distance from the venue where the initiation is held to participate. (Details on distance initiation procedures are sent via email after a person registers. It is necessary to fill out and return the questionnaire prior to registration.)

Types of Membership Available: 

∞ Full Membership in-person (minimum of $44 in-person) includes:

  • Attendance at one of the Order of Archangel Michael Initiation events, which include the presentation, attunement, channeling, and initiation ceremony, OR the remote membership package described below
  • Free mini-cleanse prior to the event (done remotely for each pre-registered attendee)
  • Membership card, certificate, and crystal attuned to Archangel Michael
  • Handout on working with Archangel Michael
  • Ticket for the door prize drawing at the event
  • All member benefits including discounts on sessions and a number of classes with Diana
  • May attend subsequent Order of Archangel Michael Initiation events (after the first one) for a donation of choice

∞ Full Membership remote (not in attendance):

Remote membership packages are available from Founder Diana Henderson. You may use the PayPal.com button below to purchase the full membership remote package.

Remote Membership Package (minimum of $55 includes shipping and paypal fee):

It's now possible to join between initiations! If you missed the most recent initiation and prefer not to wait for the next one or live a great distance away, you may remotely. Before making payment, if you are interested in attending for the first-time or wish to join remotely, please click here to receive the questionnaire prior to the initiation. After registration, you will receive the following:

Use this Paypal button to join between events (cost of $55 includes shipping/handling and Paypal fee):

If you prefer to include an amount larger than the minimum or you wish to attend in person and pay in advance, please use this "Donate" button: 

∞ Honorary Membership is available to those who cannot afford to join with full membership or those who are not prepared to make a monetary energy exchange. This option is free of charge and is open to anyone who makes a commitment to align with the Light. Honorary members may receive the Order of Michael Agreement sent via email. Click here to request the agreement.

Anyone can call upon Archangel Michael. He is the commander of the Legions of Light who are here to assist all humanity in shifting to higher consciousness (in whatever way fits your beliefs). His energy and help are available to every person who seeks the Light. The full membership options are available to those who want to deepen their energetic connection through the channeled initiation process facilited by this group's founder. However, if you do not align with the concept of energy exchange for such a service or are not in a position to take part for financial or other reasons, you may call on Archangel Michael to assist you in embracing initiation on your own, and be assured Michael and his angels will do so. The Order of Michael Agreement is shared with anyone who chooses the honorary membership option.

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