Order of Archangel Michael


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Order of Archangel Michael

We within the Order of Archangel Michael are on a journey of awakening. It’s time to embrace the Light within and honor the truth our souls know, to love humanity in its entirety, accepting others and ourselves with grace, mercy and compassion so that peace may reign within our hearts and upon this planet.

The Order of Archangel Michael is an interfaith and non-denominational group of individuals—open to anyone who feels the call to participate. Please be aware this group is not affiliated with any other fraternal or religious organizations with similar names.

The initiation activates and aligns your inner Sword of Light in harmony with Archangel Michaels Sword of Light. Once activated, the sword within beckons you to follow your path, to rise up and meet the vision before you, to be fully human in order to remember what it means to be fully Divine. With natural creative spirit, we gatefully carry that knowledge forward with a sense of honor and dedication as we awaken to the Renaissance of Spirit.

The next Initiation Ceremony is as yet unscheduled. Please stay tuned.
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Induction into the Order of Archangel Michael is an energetic experience that may differ from individual to individual. What one receives from the initiation will be in accordance with his/her own readiness and willingness to receive.

Potential Benefits of the Order of Archangel Michael initiation:
  • Promotes greater awareness energetically and intuitively and raises your vibration
  • Heightens your connection to Archangel Michael’s energy
    (and that of the other Light Beings participating)
  • Opens you more fully to that energys capacity for awakening innate gifts
  • Attunes the third eye and crown chakras to Michael’s energy
  • Awakens your inner Sword of Light to align with the Light of Divinity
  • Cleanses and releases detritus of the past
  • Aligns you with your life or soul purpose or enhances your work if youre already walking your path.

Archangel Michael [Hebrew Mikha'el, Arabic Mika'il, or Mikha'il], whose name in Hebrew means “Perfect One of God”or “who is like unto God,” carries the essence of the spiritual warrior and is the Protector of humanity. Even though anyone can call on Archangel Michael for assistance at any time, the initiation heightens and enhances our connection to his energy and opens us more completely to that energy's capacity for awakening our innate gifts.

From Christopher Bamford’s introduction to The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours, by Rudolf Steiner:
Michael cannot fulfill his mission without humanity’s cosmic vocation of freedom, individuality and love. Human beings, too, depend on Michael for the fulfillment of their task . . . His great joy is helping those who of their own free deed enter the ranks of those collaborating in the great work of the invisible.

By becoming initiated into the Order of Archangel Michael, we indeed join the ranks of those who collaborate with the Divine.

If you hear the clarion call to enlist in the ranks of the Order of Michael, please contact Diana Henderson by email by clicking here or call 919-264-0159 to sign up.

I, Michael, come to you to heal that which in you is fear, for I am the Protector, and I carry the Sword of Light. I protect this Universe, and I bring you now the knowledge that each of you is surrounded by the Light, and I ask you to arm yourselves with the Purest Love of the Universe.... Imagine the most powerful flame in existence; it is that Flame which is beyond heat. It is the flame of Love, Pure Love, that comes to you. That is what I am made of; that is what the Sword of Light is made of; that is your protection and your cleansing. If you choose, allow the Blue-White Flame to encompass you, and invite that flame that stems from the Sword of Michael to heal, to clear, to cleanse any negative thought, any part of you that is touched by grief, by anger, by fear.  ~ Archangel Michael, September 13, 2001

"The wings of Michael outstretch and touch the hearts and souls of
those who will be quickened, awakened or reawakened into the Order."

~ Council of Light, channeled October 5, 2001

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