Order of Archangel Michael
Featured Member: Renee Geikler, StoneSpeak Jewelry

Personal Statement:

My personal journey is a subtle blending of all that I have learned and observed as well as the age-old knowledge retrieved from all that is within.

Beginning with a divinely-timed awakening of Self through an introduction to Reiki and Native American ceremony several years ago, I have slowly come to know my path and purpose.  In this process, the suppressed artist came to fruition, and the teacher that hid beneath self doubt bloomed.  Reiki training opened doors to the healing realms and world of crystal energy that merged these modalities into a creative medium through which to share my talents – jewelry.

Philosophy and Creative Process:

I have always adored jewelry, wearing ornaments like armor, changing them with my moods and environments. Over time I noticed patterns of wear— earrings worn in cycles, certain necklaces always with me on family visits, or being drawn to a particular stone.  There are even times (okay, many times) when I choose my jewelry first, then my clothes to match.  I now recognize that it is my energy harmonizing with a particular piece that makes the difference; the feminine energy and ethereal power of moonstone, light blue agate to remind me to speak my truth.

The synchronicity of light, color and energy throughout nature’s media is the philosophy behind my jewelry creations. It is my belief that each gemstone, each metal and each color combines to create energy. This specific energy works together to give each piece of jewelry its own unique “voice”— a secret message if you will. The name StoneSpeak was chosen to represent this marriage of philosophy and art.

Using my training as a Reiki Master and understanding of crystal energy, I divine the nature and energy of the stones I use.  Lovingly inspired by the spiritual energies surrounding us, each necklace is designed and then named to represent the message that it shares. I hope that all of my jewelry enhances the outer beauty of the wearer while imparting the love and warmth with which it was created. Each piece is destined to find its way home to become part of someone’s worldly armor—wear in peace.

Creating custom pieces of jewelry opens a healing information channel that allows my spirit to connect with another’s. Through this channel specific stone combinations and designs are shared that enable the creation of a jewelry talisman unique to an individual, most of whom I may 
never have met.  The creation/meditation process also reveals information about how the stones will work with and for the wearer as well as messages for that person.

What's Next?:

As the future unfolds, I continue to learn and grow. To share my perspective of the world around us, I have been photographing some of my favorite natural inspirations. Training in Emotional Transformation is in progress so that I can help teach simple tools for individual growth and empowerment to as many people as possible. I feel that this opportunity will enable many to begin their own healing and personal development. More can be learned by contacting me or through www.mystonespeak.com, my website that is, like myself, a work in progress! Click here to email me directly.

A sampling of three of my necklaces are shown below. The name of the piece is followed by its stones. Check my website for many additional samples.

Goddess: garnet, moonstone, quartz, rose quartz
Goddess necklace

Illumination: pietersite, African jasper, red jasper, pyrite
Illumination necklace

Chaos Theory: serpentine, river stone, tourmaline, jasper, agate, obsidian, larvikite
Chaos Theory necklace

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