Order of Archangel Michael

Featured Member: David Shell
                              Spiritual Counseling & Encouragement
                              Using Astrology, Tarot and Guided Wisdom

Personal Statement:

I am a member of the Order of Michael, a Priest of Malchizedek, a Reiki Master, a master of both Astrology and Tarot, and a lifelong student of G. I. Gurdjief, Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung.  I have over 40 years experience doing readings and have taught classes in Astrology, Tarot and transformational growth.

I am able to access Spirit Guidance and support that with a vast amount of practical knowledge gained from a lifetime of studying both the esoteric arts and the psychological sciences. When you ask specific questions you will receive clear, definite and usable answers. I try to balance the power of these insights with humor and compassion, allowing you to feel more positive about your future.  My experienced guidance gives you tools to reclaim the power in your life and to enhance self-awareness on all levels. Blockages of body, soul or spirit, which can be the cause of dis-ease, often dissolve as the Blessings of Spirit flow through.

After an extended sabbatical, I have decided to resume doing readings and spiritual counseling.  I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Ancient Wisdom that Spirit has always made available. I strive to deliver these with compassionate honesty. You will leave a session empowered with greater clarity, intention, courage and optimism.


• David can do a complete astrological birth chart analysis. This will help you to know yourself better. It illuminates specific qualities of your soul/personality including how you relate to the physical world, your emotional and mental processing styles, the way you relate to others and, what karmic tasks you have agreed to take on in this life.

• He also provides deep Soul analysis.  This process points to some of the deepest questions humans can ask like:  How can I bring Clarity to my Life Path, and What is my Life Purpose?

• David can help to understand and clear Past Life and karmic influences that hinder growth.  Though this is not always easy or painless he can provide support and foster courage to face and work through your personal challenges.

• The Buddha calls it Right Livelihood, the career that is right for us. David can help you recognize what you might be good at and also enjoy doing.

• He can provide help in understanding the areas of compatibility and pitfalls in relationships.  This can be done by assessing the physical, emotional, mental and social qualities of both parties.  Then he can overlay the karmic components of the relationship to clarify what needs to be done to access all the potential for healing growth and fulfillment.

To contact David or schedule a session, you may call him at 919-250-9766 or email him by clicking here.

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